Design files for the ashet projects, all non-technical stuff
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  • Ashet Technologies is a company that manufactures computers and peripheriel devices, and develops software for them


  • Ashet Computer Technology
    • Home computer
      • ACT-HC-00-0 (prototype)
      • ACT-HC-01-0 (first pcb version)
    • Servers
      • ACT-SV-00-0 (planned prototype)
  • Ashet Drive Technology
    • Static Disk
      • ADT-SD-00-0 (handmade version)
      • ADT-SD-01-0 (pcb version)
    • Drive (Static Disk)
      • ADT-DR-SD-00-0 (prototype)
      • ADT-DR-SD-01-0
  • Ashet Screen Technology
    • Desktop Screen
      • AST-DS-00-0 (prototype, 800x600)


  • Art project by “xq”
  • Goal is inspire people, recreate the home computer experience i never had
  • Inspired by
    • Actual history (Commodore, MSX, ...)
    • Zachtronics games
    • Cyberpunk
      • Cyberpunk 2077
      • Shadowrun
      • Blade Runner
      • Ghost in the shell
    • Animes
      • Cyber Punk 2077 - Edge Runners
      • Akira
      • Battle Angel Alita
      • Cowboy Bebop
      • Trigun
      • Ergo Proxy

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